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Faugeres 5 C Biabolo Boh Me

The wine makers grouped around the « Faugères, l’appellation Nature schiste » identity, mark their finest vintages, reds and whites, with the label « Faugères Grand Terroir de Schiste ».

The idea is to provide an incentive to bring added value to their work by showing off their best wines. This label, a collective decision, is still being taken up by winemakers; it cam about less than five years ago. The ambition of the Cru Faugères winemakers has always been to produce great wines for laying down, nowadays promoted by the « Grand Terroir de Schiste ». Wines which honor this stubborn vineyard culture which makes Faugères a singular feature in the Languedoc. 

Do not hesitate to discover the appellations’ wines, with the « Gran Terroir de Schiste » vintages.